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Glasgow, Gaelic Glaschu, city, west-central Scotland. It is situated along both banks of the River Clyde 20 miles (32 km) from that river's mouth on the western,​.
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Come along to Edinburgh Castle and find out what a Schiltron was, how pikes were used and have a go yourself!

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Find out about Schiltron! The Road to Bannockburn 21st January The Road to Bannockburn 22nd January This lecture, at Gladstone's Land on 23rd January, will explore the events in the lead up to the Act of Union in , and in the aftermath, what happened to the other lost Scottish identities! The Road to Bannockburn 23rd January The Road to Bannockburn 24th January Tyrannosaurs 24th January - 4th May The most comprehensive exhibition ever mounted on tyrannosaurs is coming to the National Museum of Scotland, bringing the latest palaeontological discoveries to life. Find out about Tyrannosaurs on What's On Edinburgh.

Come along for a light-hearted introduction to the bard and some of his works at Edinburgh Castle. Hot Rocks 26th January Join an expert geologist and a Ranger on a longer guided walk to discover the fascinating geological history of Holyrood Park. Medieval Fashion 1st February - 2nd February See how fashion of the Kings court here in Edinburgh Castle changed through the medieval period for both men and women.

Tulips, Dragons, and Tweety Birds 10th February Leonardo: Drawing, life and art with Martin Clayton 11th February Music Through the Ages 15th February Music Through the Ages 16th February Rob Roy MacGregor 17th February Rob Roy MacGregor 18th February Rob Roy MacGregor 19th February Surgeons' Hall Museums Curator returns to further investigate Edinburgh's 19th century 'medical detectives' and their influence on Arthur Conan Doyle's most famous character, Sherlock Holmes.

Rob Roy MacGregor 20th February Coolest Walk on Earth 23rd February Join an expert geologist and a Ranger on a three hour guided walk to discover how the landscape of Holyrood Park has been shaped and sculpted by ice through the ages.

Trebuchets and Trickery 1st March The Road to Bannockburn 2nd March The Road to Bannockburn 3rd March The Road to Bannockburn 4th March The Road to Bannockburn 5th March Sketching Workshop 6th March Join Mark Kirkham, better known as the Edinburgh Sketcher, as you explore how Leonardo da Vinci captured the world through his sketches in this half-day workshop on Friday 6th March!

Stained Glass Designers and Sculptors 9th March Fiona Hall will showcase the wealth of archives resources available to help research into stained glass designers and sculptors in these talks at HES Archives and Library. Their Name Liveth 14th March Their Name Liveth 15th March Rebels and Redcoats 23rd March Rebels and Redcoats - Learn about the role Edinburgh Castle played in the Jacobite war and meet one of the characters from the period.

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Rebels and Redcoats 24th March Rebels and Redcoats 25th March Rebels and Redcoats 26th March Rob Roy MacGregor 30th March Rob Roy MacGregor 31st March Sorry, but we have no events listed for Lanarkshire, try another day! Urban Historian Heritage Walks 4th January Urban Historian Heritage Walks 11th January Urban Historian History Talks 15th January Urban Historian Heritage Walks 25th January Urban Historian History Talks 29th January Scotland through a Lens 15th October - 9th January Presenting photography from the archive, this exhibition at Stirling Castle explores life in 19th century Scotland.

Remembering Empire 21st November - 1st October Are you interested in recent history?

Who was William Wallace? Industry and Aesthetics 18th January - 19th April Balfron Radicals Exhibition 28th March - 25th April Sorry, but we have no events listed, try another day!

10 Historical Landmarks to See in Glasgow

Advertise With Us Looking to reach new customers? Fry stood as a Conservative candidate for Maryhill in Despite being both from Edinburgh and a Tory, he managed not to lose his deposit. He has subsequently transferred his allegiance to the independence movement, and the book begins with a very pertinent and difficult question. We are surely owed an explanation.

There is something about Glasgow which resists chronology: it is a city of endless reinvention. It is also a city with a certain degree of schizophrenia, which Fry shows with elegance. It is at once the Burrell Collection and Taggart. I remember being told, as a child — as a Borderer I have no dog in the fight between the East and West — that if only the jovial but fighty people of Glasgow could have the architecture of Edinburgh and vice versa, the world would be a better place. The first two chapters are very good indeed, showing how the nexus of commerce shaped what Glasgow would become.

Fry is excellent on, for example, the failure of the Scottish car industry, and the impacts that would have on subsidiary but essential manufacturing — from steel to textiles. It is, and I here declare an interest — a slight disappointment that the Singer factory gets no mention.

Glasgow History - NORTH [LV2] - PART 1/10 - Jocelyn, The Templars and The Bishop's Forest.

My father worked there as a young graduate, when the plant had its own railway system and every part of the machine, down to the tiniest screw, was made in-house. Not one brick stands on another where the site was.

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